First of all we would like to thank everybody for the enthusiastic reactions and support which we received! It is good to be back in the nuts and dried fruit business and to be in contact with you again.

Our first businesses have been concluded already and we look forward to increase our business the coming months. As promised we herewith send our first Maejor News! In this edition we would like to inform you about some problematic products with regards to supply. 

The crop in the Philippines is short.
Fresh bananas from Manilla region are mainly exported to China.
As this region is short on raw materials they source the raw materials in other parts of the country including Davao area resulting in less product for drying.
New crop is expected in July and until the new crop the market will remain difficult with short supply and high prices.


Prices for raw materials started to climb on March this year and are now at their highest level since early 2017. 
The canning factories are operating far below full capacity due to raw material shortages. When the canning factories produce less pineapple the availability of pineapple core also stays behind.

Spot market is short and producers in Thailand can only offer small batches of core product.

At the moment the availability of fresh papaya is less.
The colour of dried papaya depends on the ripeness of the fresh papaya at time of harvest. The riper the papaya the redder the colour.

As there is a lack of raw materials at the moment the farmers tend to harvest earlier in order to get cash faster. This leads to problems for the dehydration factories as they do not receive raw materials which are suitable to produce natural red papaya.

The last ginger crop was not very good compared to previous crops.
Also a lot of ginger was damaged. 
Nonetheless prices are expected to remain stable until the crop is sold.
New crop is expected in September but for the moment it is too early to predict prices for the new crop, however the current drought might influence the new crop.

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